Ad tech (short for advertising technology) is the umbrella term for the software and tools that help agencies and brands target, deliver, and analyze their digital advertising efforts. … That said, ad tech is designed to help advertisers make better use of their budgets.

Advertising technology” is an umbrella term for the system of software programs, data servers, marketing agencies, and data markets which facilitate the sale of user data and the display of advertising messages to users of the internet, including search engines and social-media sites and apps.

Advertising Technology (adtech) is defined as a range of software and tools that brands and agencies use to strategize, set up, and manage their digital advertising activities.

In this primer, we look at the concept of advertising technology, the world of programmatic (including ad buying, direct, and real-time bidding), the adtech ecosystem, and future trends in adtech to watch out for.

In Digital Advertising, we briefly looked at the beginning of the digital advertising industry, and how a 468*60 px banner marked a revolution in advertising in 1994. Rapid developments in e-commerce eventually led to agencies helping their clients place ads on websites that would yield clients the maximum Return on Investments (ROI).

The growth of online advertising was guaranteed when, in 1995 the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) was established to regulate the industry. And now, almost twenty years after the dot-com boom, this democratization of digital advertising has never been more stable. All thanks to adtech.

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