Augmented reality widely known as AR is a type of digital reality which overlays the real world and provide us the best ever and effective experience. AR is an extension to the VR i.e. virtual reality. AR is becoming very popular specifically in case of various business sectors. Starting from small goods to FMCG to heavy goods and services, AR is helping all the sectors through its phenomenal features. Right from planning to manufacturing and at last, for marketing too, AR is becoming an innovative way of business. Various sectors like education, manufacturing, marketing, training, real estate, etc. are getting the most out of AR nowadays. It is becoming the trend of using AR for business. The market size of AR in future is mentioned in the figure below.

Technology is an absolute necessity in the world of sport these days. It has been implemented to develop various techniques that are used to learn new strategies and hence excel in sports. The judicious use of technology could improve performance of the players, prevalent coaching methods, match analysis and prevent controversial umpiring. So, the primary objective of this research is to attain the following goals: 1) An automated multidimensional visual system that would prevent wrong interpretations due to perspective errors. 2) Simulate the pre and post match activity in a computerized graphics system for game and performance analysis of a certain team, player or playing conditions. 3) Approximating the trajectory of ball from multiple dimensions and comparing the predicted path with the actual path. This research paper presents the implementation of augmented reality in cricket using multi valued automated decision making to detect no ball and wide ball. The trajectory approximation is then used to gather information on variations in pitch and to train the players about the spin and swing of the ball.

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