Augmented reality eSports

AUGMENTED REALITY eSPORTS, or ARES, provides fans an immersive stadium experience of their favorite eSports competitions using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

We solve the disparity between supply and demand for live seats to an eSports competition by bringing the experience to the fan’s home.

The combined growth in VR/AR Hardware sales and eSports viewership in the coming years presents unrivaled market opportunities. VR/AR Hardware sales are projected to hit 400,00 this year and reach 44.4M by 202. eSports viewership reached 100M in 2014 and is projected to reach 248M by 2020.

To capitalize this growth ARES develops and provide this software for free while selling tickets to live events. The League of Legends World Championship had 32M Global Views, boasting 14M concurrent views. If ARES were able to convert 1M of those views to VR/AR viewing, at a price of $10-20/view, this event could net $10M-$20M in one night. That just one event, th possibilities are endl…

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