VR and Yoga Mergers

The word yoga means “yoke” or to unite. It’s nothing new, yoga’s been the source of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness dating back 5000 years. Until now, yoga classes were only available in a studio setting, private practice location and most recently recorded or live streaming videos and apps. Now, thanks to virtual reality, you can unite through an immersive yoga practice in a 3-dimensional and simulated environment from anywhere in the world.

At Better World Museum we are experimenting with combining Yoga + VR drawing to help create a vizualization of energy, healing, and transformation. Yoga instructor Tera Kilbride leads the movement, and with some simple instruction in VR, the participants draw using Tilt Brush with an Oculus Rift, or Paint VR in Oculus Go. One may study the before and after drawings to see transformation after yoga, movement, and meditation. I believe this practive may help relieve anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and more illnesses leading towards optimal healing, and a more healthy lifestyle.

The perfect domain for digital natives!

VRYoga.cyou is for sale!

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