XiGuaShiPin is a “personalized and recommended short video platform” by Byte Beat.

This allows anyone to find their favorite videos through artificial intelligence and easily share their video work with the rest of the world. In February 2018, the cumulative number of users of watermelon videos exceeded 300 million, the average daily usage time exceeded 70 minutes, the average daily broadcast volume exceeded 4 billion, and at the end of November 2017, “Watermelon” “PLAY Video Carnival” was held. In a speech at the beginning of this scene, today’s headline CEO Zhang Yiming revealed that short videos are entering an era of universal realization, and future watermelon videos will help 2 billion people. Will come out with the platform creators.

Watermelon video director Zhang Nan also announced the launch of an already announced “3 + X” video realization plan, including platform sharing, side-by-side, live broadcasts, and watermelon production.

The perfect domain for digital natives!

Xiguashipin.cyou is for sale!

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Xiguashipin.cyou is registered at Porkbun and is currently for sale on the Porkbun Marketplace.

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